Conference on Tamil Sovereignty, Introduction of the Book, Government and Politics in Sri Lanka held at the French Parliament

A conference on Tamil sovereignty and the introduction of the book, Government and Politics in Sri Lanka: Biopolitics and Security by Dr A.R.Sriskanda Rajah, was held at the French Parliament (Assemblee Nationale) on Thursday, 31 May 2018.

The event, which drew a record crowd of over two hundred individuals, including non-Tamil speaking French nationals, was jointly hosted by the French Parliamentary Group for the Welfare of Tamils and the People’s Assembly of Tamil Eelam (France).

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Inaugurating the event with a minute tribute of silence to those who lost their lives in freedom struggles across the world, Madame Marie George Buffet MP, the National Secretary of French Communist Party and the leader of the French Parliamentary Group for the Welfare of Tamils, urged the French government to take a special interest in the safety and well being of Tamils in Sri Lanka, ensure the Tamil areas are demilitarised and an independent international investigation is held on the mass atrocities perpetrated against the Tamils.


Also speaking at the event, Jean Christophe Lagarde MP, the President of the Union of Democrats and Independents, urged the French government to use its permanent position at the UN Security Council to deliver justice to Tamils and ensure peace in Sri Lanka.


A documentary on the crime of genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and other international crimes perpetrated by the Sri Lanka state against the Tamils was also screened at the event.

Speaking at the event, Mr Thirukulasingam Thiruchchothi, the Head of the Political Division of the People’s Assembly of Tamil Eelam (France), urged the French government and the international community to assist Tamils in their endeavour to assert their sovereign rights.


Dr Adel Bakawan, a prominent French Kurdish sociologist, provided a comparative analysis of the Tamils and the Kurds, frequently referring to Tamil Eelam as ‘Tamilistan’.


Introducing his book, Government and Politics in Sri Lanka: Biopolitics and Security, Dr A.R.Sriskanda Rajah, a UK based Eelam Tamil International Relations scholar, said, ‘unless the international community takes custodianship of the mechanisms of state in Sri Lanka and assists Tamils in their legitimate endeavour to free themselves from the shackles of subjugation, peace, justice and equality will remain elusive doves.’


Reviewing Dr Rajah’s book, Dr Ines Hassen, a sociologist and a Teaching Fellow at the University of Leicester, said the concept of biopolitics used by the author allows readers to grasp the rationale behind the repressive policies of the Sri Lanka state towards the Tamils.

Providing a legal analysis of the Tamil struggle for sovereign statehood, Mr Lorenzo Fiorito, a Canadian legal scholar based in Geneva, Switzerland, said only the creation of an independent, sovereign state of Tamil Eelam would resolve the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka.