Vigil held condemning the re-militarisation of Jaffna Fort

A vigil was held on Sunday condemning the Sri Lankan government’s attempts to re-militarise the historic Jaffna Fort.

Built in 1625 by Portuguese colonial rulers, after their conquest of the pre-colonial Tamil Kingdom of Jaffna, and renovated during the rule of the Dutch in 1680, Jaffna Fort was turned into a military complex during the armed conflict by the Sri Lankan military.


The Fort was demilitarised by the LTTE in September 1990, after their successful eviction of the Sri Lankan military, and remained a heritage site until the reoccupation of Jaffna by the Sri Lankan military in December 1995.

Though the Fort was handed back to Sri Lanka’s Archeological Department after the end of the armed conflict in 2009, in recent weeks the government has taken steps to re-militarise it and turn it in to a major military complex.

A vigil was held on Sunday by the TNPF urging the Sri Lankan military forces to leave the Fort and the Tamil homeland.