Canadian Parliament passes resolution calling for the UN to investigate the genocide of Tamils

Friday June 21, 2019

The Canadian Parliament has passed a resolution urging the UN to investigate allegations of genocide against the Tamils in Sri Lanka.


The resolution, tabled by the New Democratic Party (NDP), was passed on Wednesday, 19 June, 2019, the National Council of Canadian Tamils (NCCT) has said:


'Tamil Canadians thank Canadian government and members of parliament of all parties and independents for unanimously passing the following motion in the House of Commons on June 19th, 2019:




1.                 Extends its condolences to all the victims of violence and war in Sri Lanka;


2.                 Calls on the Government of Sri Lanka to promote justice for those affected by the Easter Sunday attacks, protect the rights of religious minorities, and defend all places of worship;


3.                 Reaffirms Canada’s call for Sri Lanka to implement its obligations within a clearly specified time frame, as mandated under the UN Human Rights Council Resolutions 30/1 and 40/1; and re-affirms Canada’s support in advancing accountability, peace, and reconciliation among all peoples on the island; and


4.                 Calls upon the United Nations to establish an international, independent investigation into allegations of genocide against Tamils committed in Sri Lanka, including the last phase of the armed conflict in 2009.


This motion was tabled by NDP’s International Human Rights Critic MP Cheryl Hardcastle. We like to thank her, NDP and its leader Jagmeet Singh for taking a principled position to place this motion at the Parliament on the request of NCCT.


In this effort we like to thank the Liberal party for taking an initiative to bring this motion earlier through MP Shaun Chen on 25th May. We appreciate Minister Navdeep Bains and MP Gary Anandasangaree for continuously discussing with the NCCT on drafting the text, accepting the edits for the earlier motion, agreeing to the consensus motion proposed by NCCT and allowing NDP to submit in the house. We like to thank Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the department of foreign affairs for giving the necessary leadership in this matter.


We like to thank MP Garnett Genuis from Conservative party for his efforts in presenting a similar motion on 25th May in the house, negotiating with NCCT to arrive at a consensus draft motion, and presenting it again on 18th June withStanding Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development (FAAE). We also like to thank the Conservative party leader Andrew Scheer for providing unanimous support to this initiative. 


We like to acknowledge and thank MPP Vijay Thanigasalam’s role in facilitating negotiations with the Federal Conservatives.


NCCT has worked tirelessly in negotiating the contents of this motion and in canvassing support from all parties to get it passed unanimously in the parliament. We want to reiterate that this motion is the culmination of the NCCT’s continuous advocacy work since 2010 and was supported by many regional organizations, individuals and the members and the volunteers of NCCT.


This is a huge step in the right direction. Tamil Nation requests likeminded countries to strengthen Canada’s call on United Nations for an investigation on Tamil Genocide and to bring the perpetrators to justice.'


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