First phase of cycling campaign comes to an end – activists cross the North Sea and head for Hague

Tuesday September 01, 2015

The first phase of the cycling campaign launched by Tamil Co-ordinating Committee – UK (TCC-UK) calling for the formation of an international tribunal to prosecute Sri Lanka for the crime of genocide came to an end today evening at 8:30pm at the Harwich International Port and activists are now crossing the southern part of the North Sea and heading for Hague, Netherlands. The campaign, launched on Monday at 12:30pm before the Office of the British Prime Minister in London, was headed by Subramanian Parameswaran. Three more activists, Neethirajah, Thirukumar and Loganathan, were part of the team. Gobi Sivanthan, an organiser of TCC-UK, joined the team today afternoon at Heston Heath and took over the baton from Parameswaran around 8:30pm at Harwich International Port. After crossing the North Sea, Sivanthan will head towards Hague, accompanied by Thirukumar and Loganathan. The third phase of the cycling campaign will be taken over by activists from Holland on Wednesday at Hague.  

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