Healing the wounds of Sri Lanka's civil war is a critical issue - the US

Tuesday January 28, 2020

The US and Sri Lanka have a shared interest in the critical issue of healing the wounds of the civil war, a senior American diplomat has claimed.


Speaking at a press briefing held in Washington on 24 January, Alice Wells, the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia said: 'We have compelling shared interests that include countering violent extremism, strengthening maritime security, preventing narcotics smuggling, promoting investment and economic growth as part of a free and open Indo-Pacific. And ultimately, the quality of our partnership will reflect our success in strengthening shared values, including on the critical issue of healing the wounds of Sri Lanka’s civil war.'


Ms Wells also acknowledged the geo-strategic significance of Sri Lanka: 'Sri Lanka occupies some very important real estate in the Indo-Pacific region, and it’s a country of increasing strategic importance in the Indian Ocean region.'


For the full press briefing, please click here.


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