India hoodwinks Tamils as three splinter groups of the LTTE accept the 13th amendment

Friday February 26, 2021

India has once again hoodwinked Tamils by calling for the implementation of the now defunct 13th amendment to Sri Lanka's constitution.


A deceptive statement to this effect has been made by Indra Mani Pandey, India's permanent representative to the UN Human Rights Council.


The statement comes against the backdrop of three splinter groups of the LTTE, all based in India, calling for Tamil Diaspora organisations to accept India's quest to implement the toothless and now defunct 13th amendment, which was rejected by the LTTE leadership in 1987.


The following is the statement by Pandey:


'We have taken note of the High Commissioner’s report on Sri Lanka and her oral remarks. The Council has adopted 7 Resolutions on the question of human rights in Sri Lanka since May 2009, when the three decades old conflict in that country ended.

India has been an active participant in the discussions on these Resolutions and has remained engaged with Sri Lanka as its close friend and immediate neighborIndia’s consistent position rests on two pillars:

i). Support for Sri Lanka’s unity and territorial integrity.

ii). Abiding commitment to aspirations of the Tamils of Sri Lanka for equality, justice, peace and dignity.

These are not either-or choices. We believe that respecting the rights of the Tamil community, including through meaningful devolution, contributes directly to the unity and integrity of Sri Lanka.

Therefore, we advocate that delivering on the legitimate aspirations of the Tamil community is in the best interests of Sri Lanka. We call upon Sri Lanka to take necessary steps for addressing such aspirations, including through the process of reconciliation and full implementation of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka.

The assessment of the High Commissioner regarding developments nearly 12 years from the end of the conflict raises important concerns. The Sri Lankan Government has articulated its position on these issues as well. In evaluation of both of these, we should be guided by a commitment to find a lasting and effective solution for this issue.'

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