Jihadi terrorist jailed for the attempted murder of a Tamil man in Australia

Wednesday June 05, 2019

A female Jihadi terrorist has been sentenced to forty-two years in prison by an Australian court for the attempted murder of a Tamil man.


Miss Momena Shoma, of Bangladeshi origin and affiliated to the ISIS, was arrested for terrorism offences, after she attempted to murder Mr Roger Singaravelu, a Tamil Australian, at his home on 09 February 2018 in Melbourne.


Miss Shoma was a tenant at Mr Singaravelu's home and stabbed him on his neck with a knife, while his five years old daughter screamed.


Handing her a forty-two year prison sentence, Justice Lesley Ann Taylor said: 'Your deeds and words have sent ripples of horror throughout the Australian community. But they do not make you a martyr. They do not make you a beacon of Islam. They do not give you green wings to ascend to Jannah (Islamic heaven). They make you an undistinguished criminal. You should not mistake your passing notoriety for importance, nor equate it with achievement.'

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