Judge who led the trial against Sadam says ready to contribute to Tamil genocide trials

Tuesday January 22, 2019

The judge who once led the trial against Sadam Hussein has said he is ready to contribute to future trials against Sri Lanka's genocidaires.


Justice Rizgar Mohammed Amin made the offer during a discussion with a Tamil academic at the sidelines of a conference on Violence and Exiting Violence held in the Kurdistan Region, Iraq, last week.


Dr A.R.Sriskanda Rajah, the Tamil academic to whom the judge made the offer, said: 'I had a cordial discussion with Justice Rizgar last week, when I was in Sulaimaniya, Kurdistan Region. We discussed the genocide of Tamils and I asked him if he would be willing to contribute to future trials against Sri Lanka's genocidaires and war criminals. Without any hesitation, he responded, ''Why not? I am ready.''


Justice Rizgar is expected to visit London in the forthcoming weeks to meet Tamil Diapora activists and share his experience in leading the trial against the former Iraqi dictator, who committed mass atrocities against the Shiites and Kurds.


An ethnic Kurd, Justice Rizgar faced discrimination during the presidency of Sadam Hussein, until the Kurds freed Kurdistan Region in 1991.


He rose to fame after he led the Dujail trial against Sadam Hussein, after the latter's capture by coalition forces, but resigned following political interferences in the judiciary.