Mass rally in Mullaithivu condemns desecration of Tamil temple by Sinhala Buddhists

Tuesday September 24, 2019

A mass rally was held in Mullaithivu today condemning the desecration of Neeraaviyadi Pillaiyar temple by gangs of Sinhala Buddhists monks.


On Monday, extremist Sinhala Buddhist monks and their supporters, backed by the Sri Lankan police, cremated the remains of a Buddhist monk inside the premises of the Tamil Hindu temple.


The act of desecration was carried out by the Sinhala Buddhist monks despite a court order prohibiting it.


Thousands of Tamils took to the streets today, demanding the perpetrators to be brought to justice.




Meanwhile, a Tamil Eelam-wide boycott of court duties was carried out by Tamil lawyers today, condemning the attack on a Tamil lawyer, representing the Hindu temple, by Sinhala Buddhist monks.

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