Rajapaksa regime to ditch legislation on enforced disappearances?

Tuesday January 07, 2020

Speculation is rife in Colombo's political circles that the Rajapaksa regime is considering repealing legislation on enforced disappearances.


Citing an unnamed official from Sri Lanka's Ministry of Justice, the Colombo daily, Daily Mirror, has reported today that 'the government would review' the Office of the Missing Persons Act 2016 and 'decide what needed to be done.'


The Rajapaksa brothers and their supporters expressed vehement opposition to the Act when it was pushed through the Parliament by the former government of Ranil Wickremesinghe, and claimed that legislation would pave the way for Sri Lankan soldiers to be tried for war crimes.


At that time, Tamil activists also denounced the Act, claiming it had fallen short of the expectations of the Tamil victims of enforced disappearances.

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