Tamil human rights activist attacked by Sri Lankan paramilitaries

Monday August 05, 2019

A prominent Tamil human rights activist has been attacked by Sri Lankan paramilitaries on Sunday.


On Sunday evening, three paramilitary operatives travelling on motorbikes rammed onto the motorbike of Mrs Amala Nayagi at Unnichai Road, Batticaloa district.


Mrs Amala Nayagi is the leader of the Association of the Relatives of the Disappeared in Batticaloa.


Mrs Amala Nayagi and her daughter sustained injuries and were treated at Karadiyanaru rural hospital.


In a video circulated on social media networks, Mrs Amala Nayagi said she was able to identify one of the attackers as the cousin of PLOTE Mohan, an infamous Sri Lankan paramilitary operative who was responsible, in the 1990s, for massacring hundreds of Tamils suspected of supporting the LTTE.


PLOTE Mohan was assassinated by the LTTE in 2004 in Colombo city.


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