Two Tamil men tortured at Chunnakam Police Station

Friday November 23, 2018

Two Tamil men have alleged they were tortured at Chunnakam Police Station, Jaffna, officials at Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission said.


The two men in question are cousins and were arrested close to their home on the evening of 19 November 2018, whilst heading home on an auto rickshaw.


Both of them were detained at Chunnakam Police Station on the accusation of not carrying identity documents, though one of them was in possession of his National Identity Card (NIC) issued by the state.


Whilst the one with his NIC was locked inside the kitchen of Chunnakam Police Station and beaten, the other was hung upside down inside a cell and tortured, officials at Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission have told the media.


Both of the were released on the evening of 20 November 2018.