UK's Opposition Leader calls for perpetrators of atrocities to be brought to justice

Monday May 18, 2020

The Leader of the Labour party has called for perpetrators of atrocities against Tamils to be brought to justice.


In a statement released today to mark Mullivaikal Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day, Sir Keir Starmar, MP, said:


'Today, my thoughts are with the British Tamil Community as they mark the 11th anniversary of Mullivaikkal, a day of remembrance to honour the memory of those victims who were killed and disappeared in the final weeks of the civil war in Sri Lanka.

Though communal acts of remembrance are not possible at this time, I know that Tamil communities across our country will be united together as they pause and reflect upon this solemn day.

Mullivaikkal must also be a reminder that as well as commemorating those who are lost, we must bring the perpetrators of atrocities to justice. This can only occur through a renewed effort to seek truth, accountability and reconciliation - a purpose to which we must all remain committed.'

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