Remembering Black July Tamil Genocide

Tamils mark the thirty-fifth anniversary of Black July Tamil genocide today.

On this fateful day (24 July 1983), in response to a land mine attack by the Tamil Tigers on a Sri Lankan military convoy in Jaffna the previous night, the Sri Lankan state unleashed mass scale genocidal violence against the Tamils.

In the genocidal violence that lasted nearly a week, over three thousand Tamils were shot, hacked to death and burnt alive in Colombo and other Sinhala areas; whilst in Jaffna, the Sri Lankan security forces went on a rampage, massacring innocent bystanders, and those who had resided in the vicinity of the land mine attack.


In Welikade Prison, Tamil political prisoners, including Thangathurai, Kuttimani and Jegan, key figures of the Tamil armed resistance movement, were massacred by inmates, while prison guards looked on and military helicopters hovered over the prison.

On Monday, Black July commemoration events were held at Jaffna University.


In London and Paris, the Tamil Co-ordinating Committee organised vigils.

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