‘Sinful money': tense situation at the NPC

A tense situation prevailed at the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) after students attempted to return the money donated by its opposition leader.

On May 18, the NPC, in collaboration with university students, organised Tamil Genocide Remembrance event at Mullivaikal, with each NPC member donating 7,500 rupees for the event.

However, immediately after the event, Mr Thavarajah, the NPC’s opposition leader, claimed the Council had no role in organising the event and yet each NPC member had been to forced to make a contribution for the event.

Angered by Mr Thavarajah’s statement, university students across Tamil Eelam collected 7,500 rupees from members of the public, with each donor being asked to contribute one rupee.

When students visited the NPC today to return Mr Thavarajah’s donation, with the words ‘sinful money’ written on the money bag, the latter was not present and they were instead greeted by Chief Minister Mr C.V.Wigneswaran who refused to receive the money bag on behalf of the opposition leader.

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Students then headed to Mr Thavarajah’s home and left they money bag tied to the latter’s gate.

Mr Thavarajah is a senior operative  of the EPDP, a Sri Lankan paramilitary group cum political party, which perpetrated mass scale human rights abuses against Tamil civilians.