‘Sri Lanka is a Sinhala Buddhist ethnocracy’ – new academic book claims

A new academic book, titled Government and Politics in Sri Lanka: Biopolitics and Security, and published by Routledge, a leading global publisher of academic books, has claimed that Sri Lanka should better be understood as a Sinhala Buddhist ethnocracy, rather than a democracy.

The book, authored by Dr A.R.Sriskanda Rajah, an International Relations scholar of Tamil origin, also claims that Sri Lanka is engaged in a biopolitical war against the Tamils, using the power relations of law, politics, economy and diplomacy to secure the ethnocratic character of the state.


Rt Hon John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor the Exchequer, Rt Hon Sir Ed Davey, the former Trade Minister in David Cameron’s government, Rt Hon Stephen Timms MP, Wes Streeting MP, and Siobhain McDonagh MP, spoke at the book launch held at the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday 19 July 2017.

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The event, hosted by the Labour MP Siobhain McDonagh, was chaired by Mr Sen Kandiah, the chairman of Tamils for Labour.


Mr Khasro Ajgayi, a representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq, Dr Maung Zarni, a human rights activist of Burmese origin and a former research fellow at LSE, and Dr Madurika Rasaratnam, lecturer at City University of London, also spoke at the event.


Miss Vino Kanapathipillai, an associate lecturer and PhD candidate at SOAS University of London, chaired the Questions and Answers session held at the end of the book launch.