Tamils mark the thirtieth anniversary of Thileepan’s hunger strike

Today, Tamils across the world mark the thirtieth anniversary of the 12-day fast-unto-death launched by Thileepan.

On 12.09.1987, Thileepan (Rasiah Partheepan), the Political Leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in Jaffna, began an indefinite hunger strike urging the occupying Indian military forces in Tamil Eelam not to support the genocidal Sri Lankan state and ensure the political rights of the Tamils, as promised by the then Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.


Thileepan’s pleas, however, fell on deaf ears, and the Indian government of Rajiv Gandi allowed him to die twelve days later on 26.09.1987, sparking a two-and-a-half year military conflict between Tamil freedom fighters and the occupying Indian military forces.