The ‘disappeared’ being held at Boosa – released LTTE cadre

A former LTTE cadre released from prison has claimed that a large number of Tamils are being held incommunicado at Boosa detention centre in Galle.

Speaking to reporters in Vavuniya, Mr Navaratnam Nishanthan said he believes that most those being held are the ones feared to have disappeared after either being arrested or abducted by the Sri Lankan security forces.

Most of the detainees have lost their mind, the former LTTE cadre added.

Mr Nishanthan, whose parents were killed by the Sri Lankan security forces and two of his brothers died fighting for the LTTE, was arrested on 26.04.2009, in the last days of the armed conflict.

He was released on 26.12.2017, exactly eight years and eight months after his arrest, after going through a lengthy legal battle through the courts.