‘There will be genocide in the country’ – US warned Sri Lanka

Robert O’ Blake, the former US Ambassador to Colombo, had warned that there will be genocide if Sri Lanka went ahead to eliminate the LTTE, the country’s former foreign minister has revealed.

In an interview with the Colombo-based Daily Mirror published on Thursday, 30 March 2017, Rohitha Bogollagama said:

‘I recall US Ambassador Blake calling in at the time he came to see me. He said his government feared a bloodbath in the country.

“There will be genocide in the country in the event you go to take on the LTTE leadership. How are we going to answer to the world if that happens?” he questioned.

Later, when I asked as to what he suggested was the best possible solution, he wanted us to allow them to handle it. “We will get Prabhakaran surrendered diplomatically,” he said.

After listening to him, I questioned, “If that is the case, what do you think of our sovereign rights?” I knew the resulting resolutions in Geneva stemmed from their preconceptions unfolding against what they preconceived.’